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Hi, my name is Eric Lim, the Principal from SOHOLAND…. I belong to the Baby Boomer Generation. People in my generation have enjoyed economic growth, stability, full employment and general prosperity. This is in sharp contrast to the uncertainty and disruptions, underemployment, stagflation and Convergence of Crisis, such as House Ownership, Finance/ Family, experienced by the Millennial Generation, who also pioneer the concept of Disruptive Innovation and Behavior.

Solutions for many of these problems, paradoxically, have to come from Disruptive Innovation and Behavior, such as Co-working and Co-Living (sharing of resources and collaboration as a social business), Change of Lifestyle (holistic integration of Live-Work-Travel-Learn-Play), Ownership Revolution (shared equity and the commons) etc.

Basically, we are heading towards the Sharing Economy / Collaborative Consumption / Solidarity Economy (or collectively The Commons) based on the Triple Bottom Line approach, paying equal emphasis to Profit / People / Planet on a sustainable basis, financially, socially and environmentally…. Very much disruptive to the existing paradigm. The Commons could well be the biggest Disruptive Innovation and Behavior.

You will find all these elements at my project “SOHOland”. I am seeking investors (especially private mortgage holders), Collaborators and participants for the project. Come and join me in this Social Business (Do Good. Make Money. Have Fun).

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Text or SMS me on (+6)0122134968 (also Whatsapp / WeChat) to create and own your Most Powerful Personal Space!


SOHOLAND is a Social Business experimental space (known as Hypercube) and ownership format using the principle of Sharing Economy for Co-working and Co-living for the 5-spheres of activities of Live-Work-Travel-Learn-Play…. (with Play as the “Sweet Spot”)…. a site that will be owned and managed as Commons…. a 5-fold personal and communal space known as SOHOLAND.

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