Owning a Sociable Home (SOHO) is easier than you think (Rental Version now available)….. even a chance to earn Cash / Property Equity in the form of being a Local Guru.


….. EASY, FUN and PROFITABLE way to Second(ary) Home (Home-Share) for Live-Work-Travel-Learn-Play lifestyle, locally and globally!? It is the Most Valuable Personal Space (what we call a Hypercube) you can start to own economically: the Great Good Place.

If you buy a house to stay in, this first purchase would most likely be your last, because you are consuming rather investing… you are likely to be enslaved to the banks.

On the other hand, if you take part in Home-Share, you will be on your way to Full and Multiple Home Ownership, locally and globally.

Home-Share Your Way to Full and Multiple Home Ownership, locally and globally! We are creating the Commons!


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    From SOHO to ROLO

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    Travel FREE for life with a property you can own!

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    Gap Year Internship Opportunity

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We provide “3-in-1 Home” for Residence / Business Start-up / Community Place in one unique package known as Sociable Home (SOHO). We are Place-Making and a Place-Maker: providing a new “Great Good Place”!
Even more importantly, you will experience what we call the “Two-Axis Growth” as illustrated below:
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